The How and Why Behind @GlobalPost’s “A Friday In…” Twitter Series

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by jwschiff in Interesting Projects

GlobalPost recently introduced, “A Friday in…”

In a blog post announcing the series, Hanna Ingber (@HannaIngber), GlobalPost’s breaking news and social media editor, wrote that every Friday:

…GlobalPost’s Twitter feed will showcase the voices and personal experiences of these correspondents. In a project called “A Friday In …,” a different correspondent based internationally will take over the @GlobalPost account and tweet about his or her travels and daily activities.

In the interview, Hanna, who spent two years reporting from India before landing at GlobalPost, takes us behind the website’s social media curtain. Topics discussed include:  how @Sweden inspired GlobalPost’s approach, what it means to cover global breaking news, the importance of having a conversational tone on Twitter (even for a brand!), and more.

Show notes

GlobalPost wants to hear from you! Do you like their Twitter series? Have ideas for future coverage? Leave a comment for Hanna!

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